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May 19th 2019 - Day in Bema (SO), in collaboration with the Gioia Group and the Pro Loco Bema.

May 31th   June 1st 2nd 2019 - MotoGP Grand Prix - Mugello (FI).

June 30th 2019 - "K2Valtellina" event, day at the Pedroria alp - Talamona.

August 12th 2019  trip to St. Moritz Switzerland with the Bernina red train, in collaboration with the Gioia Group

August 29th -September 7th  National LGMD conference Chicago USA

 September 12th-14th 2019  MotoGP Grand Prix - Misano Rimini, in collaboration with the Gioia Group

September 28th 2019 Sixth social dinner of the GFB Onlus "Happy Fish" - Pianello del Lario (CO)

November 1st 2019 - 6 Wheels of Hope Monza Circuit (MB).

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