Distrofia e ictus :"Ma ora mi laureo" - Muraro Alessia
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From the book by Carmelo Abbate: Stories of others

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She is Alessia. She was born in Istrana, Treviso, in 1992. She is a lively, smiling child. He is 4 years old. Something is wrong, her father and mother take her to the doctors. The response is a blow. Muscular dystrophy. The parents are devastated, they are afraid, but their little girl smiles. Power. It goes on. Alessia is 14 years old. He does not walk. Must use wheelchair. The mother is scared, Alessia is happy. How nice, so I can go anywhere. Two years pass. Alessia has a heart attack. The cardiologist is sure. She has three years left to live. The mother is in shock, she doesn't know how to tell him. Alessia is serene. Don't worry mom, it was expected, it had to happen. He takes his mother's hand, smiles at her. Don't worry, everything will be fine. It is September 2015. The doctors are preparing to implant an artificial heart, but they put their hands forward. Even if it works, the risk is very high. The intervention is successful. A few months pass. Alessia has a stroke. They operate it urgently. Madam, don't be under any illusions, your daughter will most likely not wake up. Alessia is in intensive care. He opens his eyes. He's fine, he has no brain damage. It's a miracle. It's January 2016. Alessia has a relapse. His conditions are desperate, they try everything with an intervention in extremis. She comes out of the operating room, she is tired, exhausted, but she is alive. Does the mother venture a request if they tried a heart transplant? The answer is categorical. In his condition, he would be a wasted heart. The parents do not give up, they find a surgeon willing to operate her. It is January 30, 2017. The call arrives, we have a heart. Alessia is on the couch. Hi mom, I hope to see you again. The woman swallows the tears. Hours go by. A nurse arrives. It's done. Your daughter did it. Alessia is 27 years old. He reads, studies, would like to do medicine, has many plans for the future. The disease does not give up, it has also taken away the use of her arms, but it will never make her smile.

In the stories of others there is your life, your flesh, your soul.

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