MANDINE: innocence in combat


Behind the first difficulties and the first symptoms;

behind the wandering of the medical profession in the face of disease and the fight to have a diagnosis;

behind the falling ax, the tears and the incomprehensible vocabulary "progressive genetic disease", "incurable", "calpainopathy (LGMD R1 / ex. LGMD 2A)";

there was a little voice whispering to me:

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Matis, silent warrior with LGMD2D (or LGMDR3)

Good morning all, My name is Matis Lagarde, I live near Bordeaux; I come from a family of sportsmen and more particularly rugby players. By descent, I played rugby from the age of 6 with a lot of passion. But very quickly the long-term exertion became very difficult for me and after a long and painful journey my disease, alpha-sarcoglycanopathy or LGMD R3 (formerly LGMD 2D) was diagnosed. I was then 10 years old ...!

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